God’s Favour!

Esther 2

In this chapter we can see that King Xerxes want a queen now and start searching for a beautiful girl through out city and how Esther becomes the Queen is what we see from this chapter.

When we read through out this chapter one thing is repeatedly says that Esther was found favour with everyone she encounters. And she become an influence and becomes the Queen. Because the God’s hands was upon her.. When we look in Bible we can see Moses, David, Samuel etc being found favour with man for the will of God.!!

We can see that favour with man opens door but we often forget with who has opened that door for us.!!

We might not be as influence as Esther but wherever we are we should remember that we are there to make a change,  when found favour in others eyes it’s not because of you but it’s because of the Grace of God (Eph.2:8-10)

It is only because of God who work in us for his purpose and we have to release that and glorify him in every situation of our life..!!!

It’s not because of us, it’s because of his grace and mercy over us to fulfill his purpose in our life..

Have a great day guys, be an influence to make a change for His glory.. !!


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