Past Events

Marriage & Family

The third and final seminar in the Luminous series – Marriage & Family. Are you married? Planning your wedding? Contemplating marriage? i.e. this seminar is for everyone. Learn to keep Christ the center of your family, your marriage and your life. Rev. Renny Samuel, Dean of Global School of counselling will present this seminar. Come be a part […]

Seminar on Church History

The second seminar on the Lunimous series – Church History. This seminar by Rev. Reeju Tharakan from SABC India will answer all your questions about the denominations, origins and movement of Christianity from times of the Apostles to Martin Luther to today! Resources and Lunch are included in the Rs.500 fee. The seminar will take […]

Seminar on Theology

Hi Church, A reminder and invitation for Seminar on Theology at Intouch tomorrow. Starts at 9am to 4pm. Costs Rs.500 which includes Resources, Lunch, Tea & Snacks. The seminar is a great opportunity to know about our God, aspect of trinity, origin of God, origin of Man, origin of Sin, Salvation, what is Faith, foundations […]

Time of Prayer