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Today’s chapter Esther 5 We see in this chapter that how Esther have the courage in God and go up to the King and call him for banquet along with Haman..!! Today I wanna look into the Haman behavior which God just talk to me and convicted me..!! ” But All this gives me no […]

Bow Down!!

Today’s chapter Esther 3 In this chapter we are introduced to Haman, a man whose hatred and abusive the use of power to destroy the Jewish people. All the King’s servants.. Bowed and pains homage to Haman… But Mordecai would not bow or pay homage. Esther 3:2 Why did Mordecai didnt bow to Haman and […]

God’s Favour!

Esther 2 In this chapter we can see that King Xerxes want a queen now and start searching for a beautiful girl through out city and how Esther becomes the Queen is what we see from this chapter. When we read through out this chapter one thing is repeatedly says that Esther was found favour […]